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  1. Why need disinfection channel?

    In our daily life, we go to all kinds of places and face all kinds of doors. In addition to the automatic doors in some operation stores, we need to touch many doors every day and open them by pulling or pushing. The door handle becomes an object that all people need to contact in and out, and all kinds of people have a cross contact process through the door. In densely populated areas, if one of the people who uses the door has bacteria, the door can make many people increase the possibility of disease.

    In the period of epidemic of some infectious diseases, we have to take measures to disinfect the door handle and wash hands repeatedly when going out. These measures or need to increase the work intensity of cleaning personnel or personal awareness of safety and health, are not very convenient, there is a waste of time, not a perfect solution.


    Advantages of intelligent atomization disinfection door products

    1. Food level disinfection, safe and effective, non-contact disinfection.

    2. Matrix full body disinfection without dead angle. 

    3. Humanized design and reasonable layout will not cause discomfort of respiratory tract and other organs.

    4. The whole stainless steel material is corrosion-resistant and deformation resistant, light and movable. 

    5. Multi disinfection of plasma, ultraviolet and light wave, more thorough disinfection.

    6. 220V city power, convenient switch, simple operation, economic and environmental protection.

    7. Human body temperature alarm and thermal imaging temperature detector can be added to detect human body temperature.


    What is the ozone disinfection cabin?

    Ozone is a broad-spectrum and efficient bactericide. In foreign countries, it was first used for water consumption. Ozone disinfection is not only effective and reliable. And it does not produce halogenated organic compounds with carcinogenic effect. With the development of disinfection technology, the application range of ozone decontamination is also increasingly wide, which has attracted more and more attention. The ozone molecule consists of three oxygen atoms. That is O3. About 95% of ozone in the atmosphere comes from the photochemical reaction between the sun and plant volatiles, as well as the ionization between lightning and air. This YG product uses static electricity to simulate lightning to produce ozone.


  2. Dell'Album Machinery

    YG glove machine orders have been constant. Recently, we have signed orders for several production lines with South Africa, Sudan, Philippines, and other Asian and African countries. If you are also interested in plastic(nitrile/latex/PE) gloves making machine, please feel free to contact us.
  3. Machinery

    Environmental protection equipment, prestressed equipment, cutting equipment, rebar processing equipment.
  4. electrostatic pesticide sprayer.jpg

    Dell'Album Machinery

    The electrostatic sprayer transforms the low voltage direct current into nearly 20 thousand high voltage static electricity through a high-voltage electrostatic generator. The electrode is contacted with the liquid medicine in the sprayer barrel so that the fine droplets sprayed by the electrostatic backpack sprayer are charged with high voltage static electricity. An electrostatic field is formed between the electrostatically charged mist droplets and the target crop.